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Research shows that evidence-based practices deliver greater outcomes for individuals and programs in behavioral health settings. But these practices can only reach their full potential when people are engaged with learning and utilizing these best practices.

Curriculum design and development is a discipline onto itself. Training and development is an industry with subject matter experts, best practices, and professionals skilled in the craft. What was once a side role for a practitioner who wanted to piece together a curriculum for the team will now become a key differentiator for programs who are serious about standardizing psycho-education for the purposes of learning, training, and measuring outcomes.

So what questions are you asking yourself and your team as you decide your strategy for the next twelve to twenty-four months? The purpose of this post is to get you and your team thinking about this in a structured way. The 5Es are a framework to explore some of the basic questions on the path toward curriculum standardization. Examine each area and answer the Questions to Explore at the end of this post. Do this for yourself, or better yet, as a team exercise as part of a staff meeting. Reach out if you have any questions along your path as R1’s mission is to improve the behavioral health industry through learning best practices.